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Welcome to the Social Media Membership

A monthly library of photoshop templates to help you create impactful, brand-aligned graphics


I’ve worked with some amazing, talented creatives and business owners this past year. Besides a holistic brand identity, the #1 game changer for my clients this year has been templates to use within their business. Specifically for social media graphics.

Growing and sustaining a business is a lot of work. And templates allow you to use that time wisely, getting the most impact without wasting hours each week planning, designing, editing and saving graphics.

With that in mind, I've created the Social media membership: an online library of customizable photoshop templates for creative and conscious business owners.

Each month, I design a collection of 16 exclusive, fully customizable templates for you to use across all of your social media platforms. If you want to continue to build your impactful brand, this membership is for you!


Here's a peek at the current collection

Promo Templates_Pinterest.jpg
Promo Templates_Instagram.jpg

General FAQs

+ How often is the library updated?

On the 1st of each month a new collection of 16 templates is released.

+ Am I tied into a long-term subscription?

Not at all. You can easily cancel your membership at any time and you won't be for any following months.

+ Are there longer subscriptions available?

Yes! We also have a 3 month and 6 month subscription available, at a discounted price.

+ Why do I need social media templates anyways?

I whole-heartedly believe that a brand is more than the logo on your site. It's an experience. Every touch point of your business should be consistent and aligned with your brand goals. Social media is often the first place a potential client or customer sees your brand. How do you want to stand out?

Having brand-aligned graphics for all of your social media platforms will create recognition and loyalty for your brand. It's an impactful way to attract the ideal audience you want and connect & convert those viewers.

Templates are great because they eliminate the stress of designing something new each time you need a graphic. For instagram, blog posts, pinterest, etc. having an easily customized set of templates will save you time AND help you to further establish your brand.

+ Can I get a refund or membership credit?

Because you'll be given instant access to the downloads, and due to the digital nature of the subscription, we don't offer returns or refunds. Please make sure you fully understand the membership before purchasing. If you have a question, check the FAQs or email me at

+ Can I share my membership with my friend or team?

In short, please don't. We understand that sometimes you work on a team and multiple people may be creating graphics for the brand. In that case, you only need one membership. But please be respectful of the work put into the membership, and don't share your downloads with any friends or other business owners.

+ What if I have problems customizing my templates?

If you're having issues, email and we can assist. We're here to help!

+ Can I download previous month's collections?

Only the current month's templates are available to download. This ensures that we're keeping the content fresh and limited to only a few businesses at a time! If you have already downloaded templates from previous months, make sure to store them in a safe space on your computer and feel free to keep using them!

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What's Included?

The Social Media Membership is jam-packed with goodness to help you up-level your business using impactful graphics. Here's what you get each month:


16 fully customizable photoshop templates

5 Instagram Post templates
5 Instagram Stories templates
3 Pinterest / Blog Post templates
3 Facebook / Twitter templates


Resources for success

A Comprehensive Do’s & Don’ts Guide
A How-To Edit Video
Free Font Files for Each Month
Email Support for Issues / Questions

email promo-01.jpg

make sure your social media graphics are as impactful as your brand


Template FAQs

+ How much Photoshop knowledge do I need?

Not a lot, but a basic knowledge of the program is helpful. However, the template edits are VERY simple and we provide a handy How-To video to walk you through the steps.

+ How do I download the files?

Login to the member page, and you'll see a section at the top with this month's downloads. Click the image and you'll automatically download a folder with all of the Photoshop templates.

+ Can I download them more than once?

Yes, they're available all month. Keep in mind that on the 1st of each month, the new collection is uploaded and you'll no longer have access to last month!

+ What does "fully customizable" mean?

Everything in the templates can be changed to fit your brand. Edit the images, colors and fonts as needed to match. The only thing that shouldn't be changed is the overall layout / structure of the template.

+ Can you help me edit my templates?

Yes, we can! Email us at to inquire about our template design services, where we can work with you on an ongoing basis to implement the templates for your brand or business.

blue SS background.jpg

Imagine how a beautiful, brand-aligned social media presence could grow your business.

Social media doesn't have to be stressful. All of the SMM customizable templates are designed to connect with & convert your ideal audience. Spend less time designing Instagram and Pinterest graphics, and more time building a holistic community of like-minded people around your business.


Are you ready for new-found confidence in your business & social media presence?