Abundance: The Complete Brand Experience

is this the right fit for you?


The first years of business are a rollercoaster! You've been building your dream company for a while now, and you're ready to seriously invest the time, energy and money into building a sustainable, long-term visual identity. I'm here to help! This is the most recommended package if you've been using a brand identity that was good enough, but now you want something more intentional, that screams "YOU."

The ABUNDANCE brand design experience is a deep-dive, holistic process. Collaboratively we'll work side by side to assess what you already have and see where we can update to bring your business to new levels. With intention at the heart of the process, each design decision is made to ensure long-term success. You'll walk away with not only branding, but the collateral make your brand feel extra special. 


In 3 weeks, we'll dive deep to build a more cohesive visual story for your business, focusing on all of those extra special details that create a lasting brand.