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building a sustainable future & Giving back through the

Reux Initiative

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welcome to the reux initiative

A community of creatives + business owners who've come together to encourage the growth and impact of conscious and eco-friendly businesses.


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Everything we do is only possible because of our amazing community of creatives.

So, how can you get involved?

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need support?


If you’re a sustainable or eco-minded non-profit, we want to get to know you! Fill out the questionnaire and you might be next quarter’s recipient.

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have a sustainable business?


If you are a creative or business owner who aligns with the Reux Initiative and our values, I’d love for you to join us! Let’s make an impact & grow together.

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Want more info?


Interested in learning more? Curious about our community or donations? Have a collaboration idea? Email me, let’s chat!


Our Aim:

build a community


In my years of business as a graphic designer, the one thing I’ve known for sure is that community is everything. So often creatives + small business owners feel the isolation and loneliness of this work. I know I have. But a community is an integral part in helping all of us grow + impact with our businesses. And that was a driving factor in developing the Reux Initiative.

Through the development of a like-minded community, you can look forward to the support, friendship and knowledge of many other business owners who share your mission & values. The Reux Initiative will also help facilitate many cross-marketing opportunities among members and encourage exclusive incentives so that we can all grow together.

Goal: facilitate community and business growth for every member


support sustainable non-profits


Non-profit organizations, such as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust or Surfrider Foundation, are doing amazing work.. and could always benefit from support. In 2018, Reux Design Co. was personally donating 5% of profits throughout the year to different organizations. This year, I'm so excited to create a new community & continue to impact this inspiring niche of businesses and non-profits.

Each quarter non-profits aligned with the Reux Initiative will submit a short application detailing their goals and plans for any donation money. We'll take a collective vote to choose one, and commit to donating a portion of our profits to help them continue their inspiring work.

goal: $5000 in donations each quarter to a sustainable-minded charity

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The Reux Initiative 9 Core Values

If these resonate with you & your business, you’re definitely in the right place!












Q1 Non-Profit Partner:

Once decided, come here to learn more about the charity, their mission and what they’re doing with our donations!

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