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RATE Hotel Group

Is a management company for unique hotels around the world. With a focus on adventure & approachable luxury, they're bringing travel to beautiful, lesser known locations.


RATE Hotel Group was started by 4 entrepreneurs driven by a passion to turn lesser appreciated travel destinations into luxurious boutique hotels. They want to provide 5 star experiences to young travellers who are ready to go off the beaten path and explore an area that's maybe a little rough around the edges, but full of stories.


A mid 30's-50's traveller, who thrived on adventure. It's not just the location they love, but the history, stories and culture within the area. They:

  • prioretize interesting experiences over material goods.
  • want to go to a hotel with a story, and avoid tourist traps like the plague.
  • love uncommon locations and thrive on personal, down to earth connection with others.

Rate Hotel Group is...

Adventurous, Bold, Inclusive, Uncommon

Rate Hotel Group | Brand Identity Design for an Adventurous, Modern Hotel Management Company | Designed by Reux Design Co.