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Occasions Box

Is a gift giving company launching soon, based on the East Coast. Their mission is to create unique, well curated and luxurious gift boxes for consumers who enjoy the finer things in life.


Occasions Box is the perfect solution for those of us who don't have time to put together the perfect gift (or don't know how). They're pairing a luxurious experience with a unique gift solution for consumers who want to send something unique to their loved ones. They're also philanthropic minded, working with a select few charities to give back with each box sold.


A mid 30's-50's woman who appreciated the value of unique, one-of-a-kind products. She loves sending thoughtful gifts to her friends & family but doesn't always have the time to find them herself. She:

  • loves finding products that are lesser known and most others won't have.
  • knows that extra touches make all the difference. It's all in the little details for her.
  • is always excited give back to her community and appreciates that the companies she supports do as well.

Occasions Box is...

Luxurious, Curated, Unique and Modern

Occasions Box | Brand Identity Design for a Curated, Luxurious, High End Gift Box Service | Designed by Reux Design Co.

She helped us see beyond our original vision.

After we communicated our vision to Cassie, she was able to understand it, simplify and put it in writing in a way that we felt she completely understood us.

We love our logo and the overall branding. Cassie went above and beyond to provide us with high quality work. She was so attentive and detailed in every communication, courteous and fast responses whenever we had a question and understood whatever we were asking for. Always so pleasant.

Working with someone who can understand you from the beginning and bring your vision to life is a must in any business/project and Cassie was definitely able to deliver that.

— Kari, Co-Founder of Occasions Box