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Moondust & Me

Born from the visions of a beautiful wife & husband team based in California, Moondusy & Me is a sacred, fine jewelry line. Focusing on creating healing talismans that are sustainable and allow the wearer to intimately reflect their inner voices, outwardly.


"In cherishing materials that empower you in a journey towards your best self, we honor the need to use the highest quality recycled metals, conflict free stones and crystals because ultimately these elements gently kiss our skin for hours upon hours each day. From Moon to Moon we grow, expand and embrace each multifaceted part of our lives."


The ideal customer is not a specific person, age or demographic. Yet a specific way of thinking + living life. This woman is wise, mindful and intentional with her time and money. She:

  • believes in building community, connection and love
  • buys fewer, high quality pieces for herself and her home
  • spends her time in activitites that bring her feelings of joy and grounding [to the Earth or Mother Nature]

Moondust & Me is...

sacred, inclusive, bohemian, healing

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"We chose Cassie for this project because of her thoroughness, love of helping her clients and the vibration of the work she does."

"[We were] blown away by Cassie's willingness to share and create something for brands to make themselves better.

After we worked with Reux Design Co. we had clear brand strategy and direction. She gave a name and face to the ideas that we had been processing for months. There were no hiccups in working with her as she ensured we kept on ourselves on track and in a creative space. We are incredibly happy with the relationship and work done on this project and will gladly reference Reux Design Co. to anyone who may ask."




okay, friend.

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