Working From Home as a Mom

Becoming a mother changes so many things. It forces you to rearrange so many aspects of your life, and your business is a big one! I strongly believe that we should be working to build a life we love — not living to work. Having a baby while working from home can seem overwhelming, but it can also give you the motivation you need to rearrange some things and create a business that is fulfilling and meaningful, while also fitting into your ideal lifestyle.

In 2018 I had my first daughter, and since then I’ve tried many different things to balance the business & mom life. Today I’m excited to share some insight and tips that have helped me feel more successful in both aspects of my life — running a business and being a mom.

5 Tips to build an intentional routine and life when working from home as a mother | Balancing working from home & being a mom | Reux Design Co. — Brand & Web Design for Holistic, Sustainable Businesses

How to navigate working
from home as a mom.

1. Outline your ideal situation

The most important step is deciding what you value. It’s hard to know what feels like “enough” or “success” if you don’t first define those for yourself. How often do you want to be working? What hours? Do you want to work only during naps? Or after bed? What does your day to day look like in your perfect world?

For me, this looks like:

Non-Negotiable: Working only when Freyja is asleep or Aaron is home to play with her
Non-Negotiable: Not working on the weekends, taking that time for rest and family time
Ideal to have: Not working past dinner if possible
Ideal to have: Taking the morning or afternoon off 1-2 days during the week, so we can go out to the park, store, run errands or do some other fun activity

2. What do you need to be sustainable

Next is a practical step. It’s easier to feel at peace in your day when you know that you have a sustainable income. I recently shared a very detailed post about defining financial sustainability for you so be sure to read that as well. When you know the numbers of your business, it’s much easier to feel at ease in the slightly chaotic routine of working from home with a baby.

3. Set boundaries and let your clients know what to expect

Working from home can be crazy and the day often doesn’t go as planned. Setting boundaries and having a routine that’s a bit flexible helps. Be upfront with your clients about turnaround time, when you’re able to answer emails, etc. Be realistic. That way, if you don’t get everything accomplished because baby woke up from her nap early, and you went outside to play, your business isn’t falling apart at the seams.

4. Automate what you can and streamline your process

It’s much easier to run a business when you don’t have to do everything. Which aspects can you streamline or automate? You’ll be able to show up for your clients and work wholeheartedly if you don’t have to manually do everything. Things like project proposals, invoices, contracts, blog or newsletter content and more can be automated (at least in part) to save you time and mental space.

5. Get laser focused on what drives you

And pursue that in your business. When you have a baby, it’s amazing how much focus it gives your business. You no longer have all the time in the world to spend on projects and tasks that don’t serve you or your clients. Who do you want to serve? Think about which clients or projects feel most fulfilling in your business and lean into that. You’ll not only be able to create more meaningful work, but your clients will be much more aligned with the core values in your business. Then, cut anything that no longer feels authentic or genuine. You’d rather spend that time playing with your cute little one.

Ultimately, working from home with a baby has its own unique challenges but also its own advantages. Personally, my business is more productive and fulfilling since having Freyja. I hope these tips help you feel similarly!



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