4 Things You Need to Know before Hiring a Designer

Recently one of my clients, Sol y Mar Interiors, told me at the end of our project that she was amazed by everything I had designed for her, because it felt so true to her story & personality. 

That’s one of my favorite compliments as a designer because one of my main goals is to create brands & website FOR my clients, that feel aligned and meaningful to them. 

So today I wanted to share a video + my thoughts on what you can expect when you work with a brand & web designer. As well as 4 myths that I’ve seen most commonly and the truth that goes with them. 

Of course, this is based on my own Reux Design Co. processes and way of working, but it will give you some insight if you’re considering hiring me or any other designer in a professional capacity! Let’s jump in.

4 myths you shouldn't believe and what you need to know before hiring a brand or web designer | Reux Design Co. — Brand & Web Design for Holistic, Sustainable Businesses

Hiring a designer is a big step in your business. As I’ve worked with clients over the years, a few questions, hesitations and even fears have popped up again and again. I love talking through these points because it can relieve some of the anxiety you might have about the design process. You’ll be able to jump into a project with fresh eyes and an excitement about how the process can impact your business in a big way. 

4 of the most common myths about working with a designer.

There are two ways to learn! Watch the video below or read through the post.

Myth #1:  You want a lot of options for your brand design

Industry standard is to present 3 or more logo options, and then give you the responsibility of figuring out which would be the best choice for your business. 

I’ve turned this process on its head and do things differently. 

Truth: Having more options isn’t always a good thing.

Instead of showing you a lot of options, I take a One Design Solution approach, which means after lots of chatting, research and designing, I show you the option that I feel will be the best for your goals. 

This doesn’t mean I design a logo, and that’s the end of the story. It’s still a collaborative process between us. But I want you to be able to rely on me and my professional knowledge to help guide you towards a brand that I know will make the most impact.

Too many options can be overwhelming, so let’s work together to find one design that is fully aligned with your business. 

Myth #2: A designer could never know your business as well as you do.

So how can I design something that accurately reflects you and your values

It’s true: you know your business better than anyone. But one of my favorite parts of the design process is asking lots of questions so I can get an inside look at all of those details, thoughts and dreams. 

Truth: A good designer will spend time getting to know you. 

You can expect a good designer to take lots of time on this part of the process. With a detailed questionnaire, phone call, etc. you can share so many details about your business. That way, when it’s time comes, your designer intimately knows your business and can translate that into a meaningful brand or website.

Bonus tip: find a designer you trust! You have to be willing to open up and share some of those big, scary dreams you have and it makes all the difference when you trust the person you’re talking to. 

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Myth #3: You need a visual direction or idea before hiring a designer.

Want to know something? You don’t have to have ANY idea what you want when we book a project. In fact, it’s better if you come to me with an open mind and willingness to try something new. 

Truth: Your designer should guide you through that process. 

When I work with clients 1:1, we do an in depth Brand Strategy session before I design anything. This is a time for us to share ideas, brainstorm and hone in on a visual direction for their brand. It’s a collaborative process. 

Building a visual direction should have a lot of purpose and that’s why it’s something I do alongside my client, with my tried and true process. 

If you aren’t a brand designer, it can be challenging to navigate inspiration, colors, fonts, etc. so don’t feel like you need to have everything figured out before you talk with a designer. 

Bonus: Want to learn more about DIY’ing this process? Read here!

Myth #4: The design process is intimidating + overwhelming. 

I recently had a client tell me that she hired me, not only because of my design style, but because of how organized and clear my process was. She knew every step of the way, what was coming next and what to expect from me. 

I’m so proud of that! I’ve refined my process over the past 4 years so that your experience as a client is fun, not confusing. 

Truth: The process is fun and exciting. 

The best part about hiring a designer is that they are doing all of the hard work. You get to show up, share the heart behind your business & then launch a new brand & website you wholeheartedly love! 

In my own business, I have templates, guides and more so that you know what to expect and never feel overwhelmed by the work that needs to happen.

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Those are the 4 myths and fears that I hear a lot from potential clients! Do any of them resonate with you? What’s your biggest hang up when it comes to handing over the reigns for your brand & website design? Leave a comment below.