What Should You Share on Social Media

For months I've been playing around with the idea of starting a second Instagram account strictly for my business. It sounds like such a small decision but really there's a lot of controversy about this topic in the business world. 


Some people will tell you that the best way to grow your company is to produce strictly business related content, 100% of the time. Always be promotion and pointing towards your business. Others go the route of mixing in some personal content here and there, whether it's a shot of their cute babe, a coffee run with friends of a weekend activity. Those creatives would tell you that showing some personal content helps to make their business more relatable, honest or connected. 


As usual when I have a lot to say about something, I decided to film a video.

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how to share content on social media | Reux Design Co.

There are a few main questions that I had in mind while filming. I would love to start a conversation here or in the video comments, about all of our thoughts on this topic! 


01. Is your business separate or a part of you? Do you want it to be it's own entity?

02. Should your business have it's own set of standards, guidelines, morals & values?

03. Do you want to be seen as professional or personal?


You can watch the video here or click through to see it on YouTube.


All in all, I think I lean more towards the side of sharing personal photos mixed in with the business side of things. I think it better attracts my ideal customers who don't just want branding but want a custom, one-on-one experience when they work for me. Also, I think people enjoy seeing the BTS of a creative entrepreneur! I know I do.

What do you share on social media? Do you prefer when businesses are strictly business or show a more personal side? Let me know!