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Why and How I Create Custom Moodboards

Every project here are Reux Design Co. starts with a moodboard. Alongside my Brand Strategy (which is Part 1 of any Brand Design), the moodboard helps set a tone and direction for the project. It’s a visual representation of my ideas melded with my client’s dreams for their business. The might sound a little “woo-woo” but I really believe that a strong moodboard at the beginning of any project sets you up for success in design.

Today I’m wanted to share my process for creating moodboards. Not only are they valuable in the design process, but they’re fun! Curating images and color is truly one of my favorite parts of any project. It’s a time to be completely inspired about a project. Whether you’re working with a designer and want to better understand the process, or you want to create moodboards for your own projects/brand, I hope this gives you a helpful insight into creating purposeful moodboards.

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