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Introducing the Social Media Membership

Besides a holistic brand identity, the #1 game changer for my clients this year has been templates to use within their business. Specifically for social media graphics. Growing and sustaining a business is a lot of work. And templates allow you to use that time wisely, getting the most impact without wasting hours each week planning, designing, editing and saving graphics.

So today I’m introducing the…

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Creating Content That Engages: with Marisa of RISE Creative

We live in a world of constant information. Every day new content is being thrown at us from all different social media platforms and creative outlets. The idea of content creation for a new or blossoming brand can seem overwhelming in comparison to all of the content already out there. Luckily, if you’re a cause-driven brand, there is something about your company that sets you apart from everyone else. Your heart and mission are what makes you unique, and because of that mission, there are many things you can do to create content that engages.

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New Launch: Jenn Orr Design

Today I'm so excited to share another brand design launch with you! I worked with Jenn, an interior designer from the East Coast to create a timeless re-brand for her business, complete with a name change, brand design and collateral design. Keep reading to see more about the process, goals and how everything turned out.

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New Launch: Moondust & Me

Today I'm so excited to share a new brand design launch with you! Moondust & Me is a sustainable, fine jewelry brand based in Southern California. Founded by a husband & wife team, they believe in the healing and affirmative power of personal talismans (in the form of jewelry) that can align with your best self. Click through to see the full rebrand!

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How To Launch Your Brand Without Feeling Icky

Launching and running a creative, intentional business can be amazing. But passion only gets you so far. At the end of the day, you have to make sales to create a sustainable income for yourself. This means launching & selling.

So if you're ready to launch your new brand (or even a new product, service or online course) and feeling a little overwhelming, this video & blog post is for you.

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