New In the Portfolio: Style Collective Email Campaigns

Email newsletter design mockup | pink, marble, gold | Reux Design Co.

Last week at a Rising Tide Society meeting, we discussed the topic of email marketing. If you've yet to jump on the email bandwagon, I highly suggest it! Social media is always changing and evolving, and it's 100% possible for you to loose all of your followers in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, an email list is completely yours. It's a direct contact to those who appreciate your company or work. Having an email list is the best way to stay in contact with your followers, as well as past and potential customers. 

Fashion and style blogger community email campaign design | Reux Design Co.

Recently, Annie, the owner of a blogger community called Style Collective, reached out to me to design a few new email templates. She's built up an amazing business in the past few years and it was time that her newsletters reflected that company. 

She's already done a great job of branding her website & social media so we knew the direction to take with the emails, keeping everything consistent with the fashion-forward, feminine feel of Style Collective. After a brainstorming a few ideas back and forth, I set out to design the 4 new newsletters.

Style Collective Blogger Community email design | Reux Design Co.

First, I designed the new template for her weekly email. She sends this out to the SC members every week, recapping blog posts, sharing inspirational quotes, and promoting members. Everything is designed in a really simple block layout so Annie can add and take out sections weekly as needed. That makes it super easy for her (or her social media manager) to customize the email on their own without needing me (or another designer) to make changes. 

Fun pink, gold and grey email newsletter design | Reux Design Co.

I also designed two emails for new members: one inviting them to join SC and a welcome email once they've become a member. Before, these emails were super boring & text heavy. So it was important to us to refresh and really reflect the brand vibes from SC. These are basically the first things someone sees when joining the community, so they have to make a great impression! Now, both emails are bright, feminine and fun with a ton of useful information.

Stylish fashion and blogger newsletter design | Reux Design Co.

Lastly, we redesigned the RSS feed email. These can be super boring as it's just a list of the latest blog posts, but I wanted to brighten it up with some branded touches so that it's consistent with the rest of her company. 

Email design can make SUCH a big difference in your company. It's a way to reach your followers + customers directly and with the right design it can continue building that strong brand image and trust with them. 

If you're interested in redesigning your email newsletters, reach out to me here.

And if you're a blogger, make sure to check out Style Collective here!