Introducing the Social Media Membership

As a creative entrepreneur, I'm sure you spend a lot of your time trying to figure out how to make an impact with your business. I have something for you that might be exactly what you need to have more space in your business for connecting with and converting your dream audience. But first, I want to share 3 things that I believe are undeniably important when building a purposeful business that supports the lifestyle you want:


01. A business that’s built around your life

Not the other way around. You probably started your business to make an impact in your market, but also to create room for actual living. Magic happens when your business is built in a way that supports your lifestyle, instead of taking over.


02. Game changing systems

Doing things the same way, will only get you the same results. Sometimes we need to go back to the basics and reevaluate the systems, templates and tools we use within our businesses each week.


03. Clarity + Impactful visual storytelling

Businesses evolve and change overtime. But the heart of our story is something that should be clear and ever-present. What’s the best way to share this with our audience? Impactful graphics that connect and draw them into your business.

Social Media Membership | a monthly collection of customizable templates for your creative business | Reux Design Co.


Do you want more space in your business, while still connecting & converting those dreamy clients or customers?


I’ve worked with some amazing, talented creatives and business owners this past year. And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that implementing purposeful tools and strategies in our business can change everything. It’s 100% possible to continue to grow your holistic business without sacrificing even more of your time.

Besides a holistic brand identity, the #1 game changer for my clients this year has been templates to use within their business. Specifically for social media graphics. Growing and sustaining a business is a lot of work. And templates allow you to use that time wisely, getting the most impact without wasting hours each week planning, designing, editing and saving graphics.

If you haven’t already heard, this week I’m launching the…

Social Media Membership



join now for $25

What it includes:

— 16 fully customizable templates each month: 
— 5 Instagram Post templates
— 5 Instagram Stories templates
— 3 Pinterest / Blog Post templates
— 3 Facebook / Twitter templates
— A Do’s & Don’ts Guide for Editing
— A How-To Video
— Font Files for Each Month

Who is this for:

— Creative Entrepreneurs + Infopreneurs
— New Small Businesses
— Sustainable fashion, home or wellness companies
— Designers + Service Based Businesses
— Bloggers + Influencers
— Anybody who regularly uses social media for to connect with their audience!

How much:

— $25 per month OR
— $65 for 3 months (15% off)
— $120 for 6 months (20% off)

What impact will these have on my business?

I whole-heartedly believe that a brand is more than the logo on your site. It's an experience. Every touch point of your business should be consistent and aligned with your brand goals. Social media is often the first place a potential client or customer sees your brand. How do you want to stand out?

Having brand-aligned graphics for all of your social media platforms will create recognition and loyalty for your brand. It's an impactful way to attract the ideal audience you want and connect & convert those viewers.

Templates are great because they eliminate the stress of designing something new each time you need a graphic. For Instagram, blog posts, Pinterest, etc. having an easily customized set of templates will save you time AND help you to further establish your brand.



If you want to hear some real-life examples of how branded graphics can help your business grow, head over here to explore my work & read some in-depth testimonials from my previous clients!