Setting Boundaries for Your Business

Picture this: it's 8pm. You just finished dinner with your husband (or wife, or roommate) and you're unwinding from the day. You check your phone and see an email from a client who wants something super simple from you, and can you do it by 10pm? 


"It will only take 10 minutes," you think. So you pull out your computer and get to work. Then while you're at it, you might as well schedule some social media posts, check your emails, get a few things done. Before you know it, it's midnight and you're working.


I've been there. A lot.


I'm sure if you own a creative business you have too. Whether you're working long hours to make enough money to survive, or just because you are super passionate about your business. It can be easy to let our creative endeavors take over our lives.


And while there are definitely seasons for working crazy hard, continuing at this sort of rate will almost always lead to a negative impact in your life. It's easy to get burnt out, or uninspired. And soon enough you won't want to work at all, even though this business is something you love dearly.


So today I'm sharing how I started setting some conscious boundaries in my business that have helped my productivity, creativity and sanity in general.

Setting Boundaries inn Your Business to Stay Healthy and Sane | Reux Design Co.

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So, go ahead and watch the video below for my tips & thoughts on setting boundaries for yourself in your creative business. I chat about my experience working all hours and days of the week, and the eventual negative impacts that it had on my life. 



I also talked about what setting boundaries can look like, in case you're not sure where to start. It can be super simple, trust me. Lastly, I gave a few tips on how to stay accountable to this yourself and some mantras or reminders when you're feeling stresses, guilty and undeserving of boundaries in your business life.


Like I mentioned at the end of the video, there are two things that I remind myself on a daily or weekly basis about this topic. Especially in today's age of all-things-digital and a "hustle" mindset, you might feel guilty for giving yourself permission to rest, take breaks to set hours for your business. But as the head of your company, you have to remember that your health and creativity is #1, and without it, your business definitely won't run smoothly. 


I'd love for you to tell me in a comment below, what sort of boundaries you have or want to implement in your business? How has that effected your work flow or creative juices?