How to Set Conscious Intentions for Your Business

Every January, we all sit down and write a list of goals for ourselves for the year. Business, personal, health, relationships, financial. The thing is, most of these goals never stick with us. Throughout the course of the year, we forget or things change. Either way, I've never been a fan of this method, especially for my business.


That's not to say that there isn't a need for goals. Or long-term thinking in general. I'm a big fan of setting long term goals, creating a visual moodboard for how I want my business and life to look down the road. But day to day I need something else to keep me on track. That's where setting intentions comes into play.

How to set conscious, impactful intentions for your small business | Reux Design Co.

I've found through trial and error (plus reading pieces from other creative entrepreneurs) that setting intentions can be so much more effective for your business. If you're struggling to find clarity and purpose in your day-to-day business tasks, this is a great video for you to watch. Not only do I share some tips for setting intentions, I talked about the 5 conscious intentions I'm setting for the rest of 2017 in my business. 


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As a recap for those who didn't watch the video, here are the 5 intentions I'm setting for Reux Design Co.

01 | Cultivate Authenticity:

AKA don't listen to what other people say or think & know that my story and my truth are what makes this business unique. Own my unique perspective & share it through curated content.

02 | Cultivate Vulnerability:

As an emotionally driven INFP, wearing my heart on my sleeve can be hard at times, but it's a strength not a weakness! Play into this vulnerability and use it to my advantage.

03 | Cultivate Gratitude:

And joy within my business. Focus on abundance and know that scarcity is a fear based mindset. Practice gratitude everyday for the place that my business is in right now - knowing that the universe will always provide for me.

04 | Cultivate Intuition:

Which can guide us best within our business. When I'm feeling lost or at a crossroads, make space to listen to my intuition and know that deep down, I have the wisdom to know what's best for me and Reux Design Co.

05 | Cultivate Meaningful Work:

And eliminate anything that doesn't align with my soul. Hone in on my ideal customers and make sure to focus on working with those who I can serve best. This means not doing things that I don't find fulfilling or meaningful even if they're "industry standard." Focus on work that I find true value in.

I encourage you to spend some time setting intentions for your business, whether it's for the rest of 2017 or for July specifically. Think about this questions while you do:

What areas of your day/week bring up unhappiness for you, whether it's frustration, boredom or discontent. How can you set intentions to eliminate or transform these pain points in your business?