How to Be Productive vs. Busy

How many times do you wrap up your work day (or work week) and feel like you've gotten nothing accomplished? It's something that I know I can experience, and so can a lot of other creatives or small business owners. 


So what's happening? The most likely culprit is that you're spending your days staying busy but not being productive. And though they sounds the same (busy and productive) they're very different. With one, you can cross things off of a to-do list each day. But with the other, you make real progress towards growing your business and reaching those goals. 


Today I'm sharing a video where I break down both, and give you some of my best tips for combating business with real productivity.

How to be Productive and not just Busy | Reux Design Co.


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I hope that gave you some insight and tips to implement into your own business! If you prefer to read vs. watch, below are some main points I mentioned in the video.



On your offerings, on your goals, on your marketing efforts. A lot of times we are scattered in our business, which only makes it harder to be productive where it matters. Get rid of unnecessary clutter in your business and you'll find it easier to dedicate time to growing your business and making steps towards your big, long-term goals.



Did you know that most people waste up to 2 hours a day reorienting after they've switched tasks? This means every time you jump back and forth between emails, social media, projects, to do lists, etc. you're losing time and productivity. And the fix is easy! Batch your tasks — aka do everything similar at once. Schedule your whole week of social media posts at once. Edit all of your week's blog posts at once. Create all 5 new client contracts at once instead of spreading it out over the next few days. This will inevitably increase your productivity and help decrease "busywork" or wasting time during the day.


DO IT 100%

Lastly, fully commit to each task you do. This won't work in every case, but most of the time it's possibly for you to finish a task in one sitting. So why don't we always do that? We let ourselves get distracted, jump between projects and spread it out over days (or even weeks). So challenge yourself to set a list of 3 major projects/tasks for each day. And focus on each 100% until it's finished. You'll feel so much more productive each day!

What helps you stay productive during the work day? What habits do you have that allow you to consciously focus in and reach those big dream goals?