How to Prepare for Your Brand & Web Design Project

Picture this: you’ve just launched a beautiful new brand and website. It feels like the embodiment of your core values, showcasing your business in a unique way and connecting with the exact clients you want to work with. This is a major step on the path to building an intentional and sustainable website.

But how do you get there? Building a sustainable, intentional brand can feel overwhelming. Investing in professional brand and web design is a big step, and you’ve likely never worked with a brand designer (**) before. My clients have often mentioned to me that the Project Prep guidance I provide for them, makes it so easy to gather everything they need and feel prepared, not overwhelmed, to start our project together.

Today I’m excited to share exactly what you want to prepare before a brand & web design project, so that you can make the most out of your time working with a professional designer. This will absolutely lead to a project with more intention, and less stress!

5 Things you should prepare for your brand & web design project | What you need before working with a professional designer | Reux Design Co. — Brand & Web Design for Holistic, Sustainable Businesses

What you need to prepare for your Brand & Web Design project with a professional designer.

1. An open mind and trust in your designer

First things first, is coming into your project with an open mind. As a brand & web designer, I am so passionate about what an intentional, strategic design can do for your business. Coming into a project, I love learning about my clients and all of the unique intricacies of their business. It can put a damper on the experience when you have an idea in your head that you want me to execute, rather than trusting my expertise and process to find a meaningful, purposeful solution for your brand.

2. Detailed outline of your process, packages and client experience

How well do you know your business? Building a brand only works well when it’s crafted to your unique offerings and clients. As a designer, I love when a client comes into the project with every details about their offerings and the experience they provide. Knowing these details will allow us to create a brand experience that highlights your values and guides potential clients towards booking with you.

3. Your content (copy for your website, tagline, etc.)

New clients can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the thought of writing the copy for their website. It’s a big undertaking and we all know how important meaningful copy is to your brand. I always provide my brand & web design clients with a helpful Guide to Copywriting as well as exclusive resources to make this project prep less overwhelming. When you spend the time upfront to craft intentional copy, I’m able to design a brand and website aligned with the core values & goals of your business.

4. professional photos

A brand is nothing without photos to support it. We all know how visual our online presence is. From our website to social media, photos are often what first attract your ideal clients to your brand! Before any brand & web design project, I always suggest my clients do a brand styled shoot. This will give you a collection of meaningful photos that further reflect your personality and attract ideal clients. A strategic website is so much more impactful when it’s filled with brand aligned photos.

5. Testimonials, feedback and client quotes

As someone who works with clients on a regular basis, I know how impactful it can be to have testimonials on my website. On the Reux Design Co. website, I always share testimonials from past clients — this encourages my ideal clients to trust me and see the potential of what a brand & web design project can do for their business. Before your brand & web design project, be sure to gather feedback from any past clients so that it’s ready to add in to your website!

I hope these tips help! Pursuing a new brand & website can be scary, but when you break it down into smaller steps, it’s easier to accomplish. And it’s always a joy to see how this project prep comes together to help build a meaningful business!



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