Optimizing Pinterest to Attract More Ideal Clients

Ready to update your Pinterest and start using it to attract more ideal customers + grow your business? Remember, Pinterest is basically a search engine with an algorithm, so there are two main things you need to reach more people.

Optimize Your Pinterest account to grow your followers & attract more ideal clients | Reux Design Co.


#1. Pinterest isn’t like other social media. In fact, you shouldn’t think of it as a social media at all. Really, it’s a search engine. Which means you need to optimize your content with keywords and phrases so it shows up at the top of people’s feeds.


#2. Pinterest also takes into account the amount that you post and how often. Instead of spending 2 hours every day pinning, use a scheduling tool to do it all at once, 1x per week. This way you constantly have pins going live which will pump up your SEO even more, boosting your boards to the top.

If you want to learn exactly how I use these two features to optimize my Pinterest, watch the video below. ALSO, make sure you subscribe to my channel on YouTube so you can stay up to date every time I post a new video like this one!

SO. It's pretty easy right? Just to recap the video, here's what I suggest doing to update + optimize your Pinterest to grow those followers & attract more of the RIGHT clients/customers to your business. 


Update Your Name.

Make sure your name contains your business/company name. But also add a few keywords that speak to your main purpose as a business. For example "Reux Design Co. | Branding + Business Tips"

Update Your Bio.

Similar to updating your name, you should have a short and sweet bio that tells people EXACTLY what you do and how you can help them. Remember, make this about your customers/followers, not about you. Focus on what you have to offer them. Also, this is a good place to include an upgrade, free download, etc. which will help get people off of Pinterest and onto your site + email list. Double win!

EX Bio: "We are a (business description) that helps (ideal client) to (solve a problem that they have) by (your product/service)."


Make All Boards Relevant.

Today's the day to get rid of those random, irrelevant boards that aren't related to your business, product or service. Pinterest is a search engine, which means that you need to make sure everything on your page is related to your business. Only keep boards that your ideal client would be searching for or interested in. This is also a good time to do some brainstorming and think of a few new board topics that you could add to create more value for your potential followers. For example, my boards include "Branding Tips," "Graphic Design Inspo," "Logo Designs," and "Small Business Tips."


Add keywords to board titles and descriptions.

Your board descriptions should be full of rich, keyword phrases that your ideal customer might be searching for. Think of the most common searches that someone might do related to that board topic, and add them all. Pinterest uses this description to understand what's on your board, and will rank you higher on the feed if your board is full of keywords and good info. For example, I would add "Branding and business tips, branding your small business, small business marketing, logo inspiration, branding ideas, how to develop a brand" to one of my boards. 

How are you using Pinterest for your business? Do you get a lot of traffic or clients from this platform? I would love to know how these tips improve your experience with Pinterest below!