November Mood & Color Inspiration

November Moodboard and Color Inspiration | Reux Design Co.

Happy November 1st! It's finally starting to cool down a little bit here in Southern California and I've been feeling so refreshed with this change in weather. I'm a warm-weather girl at heart, but sometimes I miss the seasons and shift in mood that I felt while living in Ohio. So even though there will probably be plenty of warm days ahead, I'm making an effort to get in the mood for Fall/Winter and a slower lifestyle in general. 


Looking at what I've been collecting lately on Instagram, PInterest and in real life, I found my tastes are definitely reflecting this change. I'm loving the deeper shades of navy, dusty greens and lots of warm, neutral accents. I'm also into velvet and knits and all of the amazing textures you associate with fall. 


Plus, this quote. "Inspiration comes from being a person — not just a designer." This is my motto right now. As a designer (or any creative business owner really) we have to remember to step outside of our comfort zone/specialty. Go into the world, do new projects, pick up hobbies we aren't "good at" and just explore in general. It makes such a different to come back to work refreshed, inspired and with different ideas. Hoping to take lots of breaks and time off exploring in the next few months! 


What mood are you drawn to this month? What sort of inspiration have you been discovering?


sources: flowers // pattern // pottery // living room // quote // pumpkins // pear illustration