When You Feel Like You Aren't Making an Impact, Remember This

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Last week I was chatting with a friend over coffee. I was lucky enough to connect with her last year to redo her branding, and since then she’s become such an amazing friend, encourager and fellow creative in my life. 

She mentioned that one of the reasons that she felt burnt out last year in business, was because it seemed like nothing she did make a real impact. 

I immediately understood the feeling. 

Both of us are NF’s on the Myers-Briggs Indicator: a type that is knows to be the idealist, always searching for deeper meaning and seeking fulfillment through connection and positive impact in the lives of others.

Basically, we want everything we do (in business & in life) to have a purpose, make an impact on somebody.

(**On a side note, do you know what Myers-Briggs type you are? I’m super curious, I’d love to know!)

When you feel like you aren't making an impact with your creative or sustainable business, remember this | | Reux Design Co.

As conscious creators and business owners, this is often the case. You don’t have to be an NF temperament to want to make an impact. If you’re on the journey of building a business that is somehow sustainable, mindful, holistic, or intentional, I’d venture to guess that you yearn to make some sort of positive impact on the lives of your dream customers. 

And I know all too well, that sometimes it can feel like that’s just not the case. 

When I talk with my clients and creative friends, this is a fear that comes up often. That our business doesn’t mean anything. That nobody is listening. That there are a million other “insert-business-type-here” who are doing things bigger, better, more impactfully. 

So today I wanted to give you a little encouragement. These are things that I told my friend over coffee last week. And that I remind myself of weekly, daily even. 

Because your business DOES matter and you CAN make an impact. As long as you live in your truth and remember these 5 things.

You don’t have to be loud to make an impact.

Often we think that if we aren’t loud enough, nobody will listen. But that isn’t true. The loudest person in the room is often NOT the one that everybody looks to and respects. There is something beautiful in running a quiet, intentional business. And, if you’re forcing yourself to be loud, bold or crazy to get attention, people will feel the dissonance in your business. Stay true to your authentic self and you will attract a tribe of people who love and appreciate your business for just that reason.

Just one.

Sometimes we think we need to impact a certain number of people before our business is really “worth something.” Let me give you a reminder: your business only needs to positively impact one person. That is still meaningful. Focusing on this allows you hone in on the type of person you can truly serve, and not worry about anybody else. 

How do you want your customers / clients to feel after they interact with your business?

If you’re stuck feeling like your business isn’t impactful, go back to the foundation for a minute. At the end of the day, how do you want to make people feel? Picture your ideal, dreamy client: what will they feel when they are finished working with you? Or reading your content or connecting with you on social media? Once you figure that out, you can design your business in a more intentional, impactful way. 

Give yourself permission to make a change.

Even if it seems hard. Sometimes, our ideals and goals shift. If we don’t shift our business along with that, we can feel like what we are doing is no longer aligned or impactful. Give yourself permission to change how you’re running your business. Whether that’s connecting with a new audience, or giving your brand a visual refresh. This might take time, or money, but in the long run it will create a business that you feel proud of. Something that truly represents your heart, and therefore can make an impact in the lives of those you serve best.

Shut off the noise - focus on what you’re damn good at.

We don’t need to be doing everything all. the. time. to make an impact. Focus on what you’re good at and let that be the core of your business. Everybody has a different way of running their business, and different things that worked for them. You don’t have to listen to all of the advice. Spreading yourself too thin or doing things in your business that don’t feel aligned will leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Remember: you can make the most impact doing what you love, and doing it well. No matter what that looks like for you.

I hope this serves as some mid-week encouragement to you. You’re building a beautiful, impactful, mindful business already! Don’t let fear or doubt get in the way of that. 


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