My Easy Trick for Making Your Brand More Memorable

There are a few designers who I love and follow consistently. I read their blogs, I talk to them on Twitter, I like their IG posts. And there's something that I noticed after a while. If I'm on Pinterest and I see one of their blog posts, I can instantly recognize the the creator. Even if it doesn't have their website, company name or logo on the pin.


That kind of recognition and brand memorability is what allows these designers to have a full client roster, big launches and tons of success. So today I'm sharing my super simple, quick trick that allow you to build this same sort of brand awareness for your business.  

make your brand more memorable & recognizable with this easy trick | Reux Design Co.

Sometimes it's the most simple things that we overlook as business owners. Maybe we just "don't have time" or we don't think it's that important. This quick trick will take you under and hour to set up, and about 5 minutes each week to maintain. Watch the video down below to see exactly what I'm talking about AND grab your free templates below!


PS - This video was originally posted on my YouTube channel, where I create videos at least 2x a week about branding, running a creative business and living a creative life in general. Make sure you're subscribed to my channel to see all of the videos the day they launch! 


Simple, right! Using a branded template for your Pinterest posts, blog content, Instagram quotes and other things like that will make it so much easier for potential readers/customers/clients to see your work on the internet and know it's from you! That inevitably leads to a growth of trust, more traffic to your site, and a bigger business for you. 


If you've been reading my blog, you might notice that I always use the same template for my blog graphics at the top of the post. With a few color variations, it takes me under 5 minutes to change out the title + info, save and upload it to Squarespace. It's SO easy, and now if people see my content floating around on Pinterest or Twitter, it's easy to know that it comes from Reux Design Co. 


It's super easy to make a template if you're using Photoshop (which I highly suggest!) You can even use Canva if that's more your style, but it's a bit more limiting. A few tips on making the most of your templates:


— Keep the font size big, clear and the main focus. You don't want anything to busy or crowded here. The cleaner the better.

— Stick to your brand colors. It can be tempting to switch it up sometimes if you feel like you're using the same colors over and over. But you want everything to look brand-aligned so that means sticking to your brand palette!

— Add enticing copy. Think about it: what types of things do you click on regularly? Really focus on highlighting what the reader can get from your content (this is mainly for the Pinterest templates). Whether it's an easy trick to add to their life, a time-saving hack or even a free download piece of content. 


Make sure you download the free templates that I designed if you're in need of some branded graphics for your Pinterest or Instagram (these can even be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+). And let me know if you have any questions about branded graphics, in the comments down below!


What is one area that you struggle with branding your business? Emails, graphics on your blog, IG posts, etc.? I would love to know so I can help you in future blog posts + video.