4 Logo Design Trends You Should Avoid

I’m a part of a lot of creative entrepreneur Facebook groups. Not only for graphic designers, but for small business owners, bloggers, mamas, etc. And one of my favorite things is when somebody is DIY-ing their own brand and asks for advice. Designing brands is my passion, but I also love giving a little guidance to those who want to do it themselves instead of going the professional route.

Logo design trends you should avoid if you're DIY-ing your branding | Reux Design Co.

Over time, I realized that I was seeing a lot of trends within these DIY logos + branding that weren’t great. So I thought I would do a video on my YouTube channel all about these bad design trends. Hopefully if you’re DIY-ing your own logo, this video (& post!) will help give you some clarity as to what to avoid as well as what to use.


You can watch the video here or over on my channel (make sure to subscribe if you aren’t already! I post 2x a week over there.) I’ll also write out all of the information below if you’re the type of person who likes to read rather than listen.

Here's a handy breakdown of everything I talked about in the video. I ALSO mentioned 4 up and coming design trends that I'm currently LOVING and think you should use as inspiration. So, if you want to know what those 4 new ideas are, make sure to watch the video until the end. 

Logo design trends DIY inspiration | Reux Design Co.


01. Watercolor with Calligraphy.
02. Circular Submarks + Cursive Lettering.
03. Floral Borders.
04. Minimal Text Stacked in a Square.


01. Minimal + Monoline.
02. Vintage Inspired.
03. Hand Lettering.
04. Moving/Animated Designs.


So let me know in a comment down below: which of these trends have you seen a ton, and which are you excited about using for your own brand?