Understanding Different Logo File Types (& Which are Best for Print vs. Web Use)

JPG. PNG. VECTOR. There are so many different ways you can save and use your logo files. 


If you've ever worked with a Graphic Designer (or want to in the future) it can be overwhelming to be handed a folder full of files that you're not sure how to use. There are often a ton of file types and versions of each. 


So today I wanted to simplify it and break down the three most common logo file formats that you're likely to encounter. So when your designer hands off that new branding, you feel confident and equipped to take over and implement it into your business for years to come.


Understanding the Different Logo + Branding File Types (JPG, PNG, VECTOR) | Reux Design Co.

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I recoded a quick video to go over jpgs, pngs and vector files. I break down the pros and cons of each, as well as how to use the different files. Some are best used on the web while others are best used for printing or large scale projects.


Go ahead and watch the video below...



My hope is that this will help you feel more confident! Especially if you've never designed anything or opened Photoshop, you should feel empowered as a business owner to use your branding files in the best way possible. 


Do you have any other questions about file types? Are there certain formats that you use more often or want to learn about?