How To Launch Your Brand Without Feeling Icky

Can you remember a time when you distinctly realized that you were being sold to? Maybe when buying a car, or in a newsletter email sequence, or with a sponsored post on Instagram that felt a little forced.

As big-hearted creatives, we often dislike the feeling of being sold to, especially if the tactics feel icky, pushy or inauthentic. This in turn, can mean that we struggle with figuring out how to sell our own business. 

Launching and running a creative, intentional business can be amazing. But passion only gets you so far. At the end of the day, you have to make sales to create a sustainable income for yourself. This means launching & selling.

So if you're ready to launch your new brand (or even a new product, service or online course) and feeling a little overwhelming, this video & blog post is for you.

Today I'm sharing my favorite tips and advice for how to launch a new brand into the world in a way that feels authentic and aligned, not like a used-car salesman. No weird marketing tactics or tricks here! Use these tips to launch your new brand, attract the right community and feel great & true to your values throughout the process.

How to Intentionally Launch your Brand without feeling Icky or sleazy | build a sustainable, conscious business | Reux Design Co.


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First up, what's your story?

Before you even get started with putting together a launch strategy, you have to know your story. I recently wrote about Getting to the Heart of Your Business. Taking the time upfront to dig deep into your story, your "Why?" and the core values behind your business will help build a launch strategy that feels unique and intentional to you.

Believing and trusting in your own business will help you launch your brand in a way that feels helpful and positive. Your business exists to do something for others. What is that thing? How are you able to make a positive impact in their life? Focus on sharing that and your launch will feel more like helping others and less like "selling" to them.

Once that's figured out, here are three strategies that you can customize and implement in your brand launch.

01. Share a Countdown & Behind the Scenes

A simple countdown is a great way to build momentum and get your community excited about your new brand launch. People are generally nosy, and want to see the process, the behind the scenes of a business. Share that!

Whether it's over the course of a few months, or a countdown the week before launch, this is a simple and easy strategy everyone can use. Build excitement over time instead of abruptly throwing a new brand at people. Again, this just gives everyone more of a change to connect with you and your business.

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02. Share Your Heart

Next up, storytelling to create connection with your community. This is all about attracting the right community and creating a brand launch that has depth to it. If you read my blogs, you'll know that I'm all about creating depth and purpose behind brands. It's more than a visual pleasing logo, a nice color palette or some good images. None of those matter if there isn't substance at the foundation. 

When launching, educate your community! Share that substance and the values that your brand is built upon. This is how you'll make personal connections with people and attract a tribe of loyal customers/clients who not only love your new brand, but believe in you and your business.


03. Intentional Giveaways

Put simply, giveaways are a great way to attract new people to your brand launch. They can often times feel a little gimicky or icky, but they don't have to. Focus on building an intentional giveaway. That could mean partnering with other small businesses who align with your values. Or giving away a free service package (ie. brand design package) to someone in your community.

Giveaways, done authentically, can give your brand launch a great boost and get your new brand in front of a lot of eyes! Just focus on keeping it aligned and intentional to you & your business.


At the end of the day, do what resonates with you.

Launching a new brand is a lot of work but it's so so exciting! My number one piece of advice, is to just do things your way. Hone in on what feels right to you. You don't have to share on every platform across the internet, or implement 10 launch strategies, or build a complicated newsletter sequence. 

The best way to feel authentic while launching - is to eliminate anything that feels icky. It's that simple! 

So I'd love to know - do you have any tips or ideas about launching? Are you getting ready to launch a new brand and have questions about what to do? Leave me a comment below.