When to Launch Your Business or Product

When I first started working as a graphic designer, creating a brand or website was the last thing on my mind. Honestly, I was happy to have any client at all after having spent about 2 months at home thinking things like "Why the heck did I quit my job?" and "Will I ever figure out what I actually love doing?" 


But eventually, when I got out of that little rut some call your quarter life crisis, I started to get serious about the idea of a graphic design studio. I began researching, pulling inspiration and set up a Squarespace site. Into the process though, I found myself unsure. I didn't know exactly what I wanted my brand to look like, how I should lay out my site, what pages to add... the list went on. 


Eventually after about 3 months of indecision, designing, redesign and putting it off, I just said "Okay, I have to just put this into the world." And so I did. Launching before I was "ready" was the best decision ever, because in the time since my launch I've been able to continue growing, revising and updating my site + branding.

When to launch your business or product | Reux Design Co.

Most small business owners get stuck at the same place I did. This space of "it's not good enough yet" or "I can make it perfect, just give me some more time" is a bad place to be. It becomes a cycles of critiquing yourself, rethinking everything and truly being frozen, unable to move forward.


There's a solution thought! Every successfully business owner or entrepreneur I've ever talked to says that in these moments, the best thing to do is just launch & adjust as you go.


Once your business/product/course is out into the world, it's much easier to evaluate what's working and what's not. Inevitably, this strategy saves you time & money in the long run. SO - today on my YouTube channel (PS - subscribe here to see the videos as soon as they're posted!) I talked about how to launch when you're not 100% ready, why it works and how you can apply this to your business today. 

Watch the video here or click through to see it on YouTube.

In the comments, I would love to hear about your upcoming launches & anything you're struggling with in that area, whether it's branding related, business related, or otherwise! And I hope this gives you some encouragement to just LAUNCH and grow from there.