How to Throw a Launch Party + Girl's Night

Okay okay, you guys might be tired of me talking about Laceroots Floral by now, but I can't help it. It's truly one of my favorite projects to date. (You can see the whole branding + web design post here.) When scheduling the launch of the brand, D and I wanted to do something extra fun, so we decided to throw a girl's night celebration. Read on for some of our tips + details!

First off, start with the florals! We obviously had that covered, and D showed up with the most beautiful bunch of pink, peach & white flowers (peonies, roses & more!). This can set the stage for your whole table setup or girl's night. From there, we stick with the rose/pink/peachy color scheme throughout everything else. 

Next, make sure to have lots of snacks & drinks! We decided on yummy rosé, pink sparking lemonade, macaroons, gummy candies, cupcakes & popcorn for that salty touch. They always look cuter displayed, so bring in some stands & jars of different sizes. Don't be afraid to mismatch: just make sure you stick to one or two colors for dishes. 

We lit lots of candles, sprinkled flower petals all over the table & proudly displayed some of D's new collateral for Laceroots. It was so easy to pull everything together & I definitely need to make time in my life for more impromptu celebrations & girl's nights. Hope you got some inspiration or ideas for your own get togethers. Make sure to tag us if you host your own - we'd love to see! @CassieDulworth & @Laceroots

PS - here's a little video I made of our setup + celebration. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you aren't already for more videos like this!