New Launch: Joji

Today I'm so excited to share a new brand design launch with you! Joji Goods is a local, sustainable, Orange County company that sells handwoven textiles. They partner with and support amazing female artisans in Guatemala and Mali to create beautiful one-of-a-kind pillow, blankets, bags — bringing them to you & your home!

Joji - modern, sustainable, neutral brand design | Holistic brand design by Reux Design Co.

I actually reached out to Amy at the beginning of the year to see if she wanted to be a part of a new video series I'm launching with sustainable business owners. It just so happened that at the time she was thinking about rebranding. She's one half of a mother/daughter duo who have been running Joji for nearly 7 years! This year they wanted to redirect a bit and make sure the brand appealed to their niche target market. I was so excited to get to collaborate with Amy and bring a new, more fitting, brand to life!




Joji was founded on the idea that having an impact can be as simple as supporting female artisans, and selling products that are equally beautiful & meaningful. I love the heart Amy & her mom have behind the business — selling stunning home goods that are handmade with traditional techniques, allowing women around the world to have a sustainable & fulfilling income. 


While this mission has always been apparent, they wanted to update the branding to really hone in on their target market. We outlined a few goals to keep in mind during the design process:

— Attract a slightly younger, more modern/fun customer who still sees the value in quality, handmade goods

— Build a brand that emphasized the community and connection not only between customers but with the female artisans as well

— Highlight the handcrafted details and intricate process that goes into making the textiles


With that we put together a moodboard, color palette & brand strategy to guide the designs.

Navy, tan, cream and white moodboard for a modern sustainable brand | Holistic brand design by Reux Design Co.
Neutral blue color palette, brand design color palette, colors for Joji Goods | Holistic brand design by Reux Design Co.



Once we nailed down a direction & tentative color palette (lots of neutrals, textures, hand lettered details, modern sans serif fonts & fun patterns) it was time to move into designing! The first iteration was really beautiful but we ended up agreeing that it was a bit to clean/modern and we wanted to emphasize the fun, handmade feel of the brand. I tested many variations of hand lettering, keeping in mind that we wanted the brand to still feel sophisticated and expensive. 


Eventually we landed on a really simple hand lettered logo to stand on it's own. It 100% fit the brand's ethos and reflected the idea that even something simple can be meaningful and beautiful when the little details matter. From there we build out a few variations with the tagline and color palette. 

Joji Goods — handwoven textiles for your home — sustainable, eco friendly, handmade textiles | Holistic brand design by Reux Design Co.
Submarks for Joji Goods - a modern, ethical, sustainable interior textile brand | Holistic brand design by Reux Design Co.
Collateral print design and hang tags with abstract geometric pattern | Holistic brand design by Reux Design Co.



This was honestly my favorite part of the project and where we were able to really bring the brand to life. Because they sell physical products, Amy needed quite a few collateral and print pieces to use on a daily basis. We designed hang tags (2 versions), thank you cards, marketing cards and a custom envelope for order packages. 


I designed 2 different patterns to use throughout. Inspired by the textile patterns her artisans craft, paired with some hand-done elements, what we ended up with was so fun! The patterns are abstract and modern, giving the brand the youthful edge it was missing before (without looking too young). As an accent on the print pieces, the patterns really add a great texture element that customers are going to love. I know I would! 

joji photo1.jpg
Modern, sustainable, neutral, fun brand design for interior goods company in Southern California | Holistic brand design by Reux Design Co.
handwoven, handmade goods - collateral print design - hang tag design for modern, ethical company | Holistic brand design by Reux Design Co.

I absolutely love how everything came together and working with Amy was such a pleasure. More and more I'm inspired by the sustainable companies I'm able to work with. I love knowing that through design, I can help a business grow that I truly believe in and want to support. Make sure to head to her site to see the brand in action and order something handmade + beautiful!


Spot hand lettering on collateral by Nicole Miyuki

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