New In the Portfolio: Sagebrush Coffee

Sagebrush coffee house brand design | Reux Design Co.

Today I'm sharing with you guys another brand from my portfolio. This one is a full brand identity + packaging design for a coffee house called Sagebrush Coffee. It's a dream concept of mine that I wanted to explore and build out as if it were a real client. Even though it was a "for fun" project, I went through all of the same steps as I would with a normal design client.

pink, green and neutral color palette | Reux Design co.

Personally, I would love to own a coffee shop. As an INFP, I love working at quaint little coffee shops, where I can be alone & productive, but surrounded by the energy of other creatives. That was my original idea going into this project. I wanted to visualize a coffee shop that was clean & minimal but also felt cozy. I loved adding in touches of greenery (real plants & in the color scheme) and then I balanced it with a touch of feminine pink & black to ground everything. 

coffee shop minimal chic branding design + business cards | Reux Design Co.

While designing the collateral, I wanted to let the logo speak for itself and not do anything too busy. I coined a little phrase "Coffee made simple" and used that as a brand submark of sorts across everything. I also designed some coffee cups and really wanted to let the greenery be the star of the show. I added a few "wreaths" of different varieties and kept the typography all black to give it that clean, stamped on look. 

coffee shop paper cup design + packaging design for coffee house | Reux Design Co.
coffee shop branding | Reux Design Co.

Lastly, I designed up some packaging ideas and a menu for the shop. Again, keeping everything very minimal & clean. For the menu, I love coffee shops without any bells or whistles, just high quality coffee & espresso. So that's what I did. 

packaging design for coffee shop, chic minimal cool girl coffee | pink and green branding | Reux Design Co.
brand design shop sign | Reux Design Co.

(PS — this branding doesn't represent any real company, even those with the same name. Apparently Sagebrush is a popular name in the coffee world!)

This project is an example of my full brand identity package. If you're interested in branding services, let's chat!