How to Visualize Your Goals + Dreams into Reality

So today's is a big topic. Every since I was little, I've been fascinated by the idea of manifestation, visualizing things and basically using energy to bring more good into my life. Yes, it's a little "hippy-dippy" and you might be thinking I sound crazy. But even science has my back here. There's so much research already about how everything in the universe is energy. Good energy attracts more good energy and vise versa. This is why when you're having a bad day it seems like more and more things go wrong. Because your negative energy is attracting more negativity!

visualize your dreams and manifest your goals into reality | Reux Design Co.

Once you grasp this concept, it's SO freeing. In your life, your business, your relationships, literally everything, you're attracting what you think about the most. It's so simple when you get down to the core of this concept, and it can help you achieve every single goal or dream you have for yourself. So how do you use this concept to get what you want? That's what I talked about in today's video. 

Whew! That was a lot. I hope you enjoyed the video & watched all the way through to get all of my tips. Here's a recap of everything I talked about. 

Step 1: Visualize

First off, you have to know what it IS that you want, right? This is where you start to figure that out. Begin collecting inspiration and imagery, from magazines, books, Pinterest (print these out!). Wherever you feel pulled. You don't have to have specific goals at this point, just pull things that you feel attracted to. Lifestyle images, quotes, places, etc. 


Now it's time to make your vision board. You can do this by yourself or with your spouse. All you have to do is take your images and put them up on a board - poster board, cork board, it doesn't matter. Whatever works for you! I recommend keeping the board someplace highly visible, as the more you see it, the more you're reminded of the life you want & goals you have!

Step 2: Write a Letter

Now it's time to start getting specific goals down on paper. You're going to write a letter to yourself, from the end of the year. In this letter, go through every category of your life (business, financial, emotional, physical, lifestyle, relationships, etc.) and talk to yourself about everything you've accomplished. Here's an example so you can see what I mean:

"Dear Cassie, 
It's so amazing to think about everything you've accomplished in 2017. I'm so proud of you and happy that you're feeling healthy, joyful and grateful every single day. Congratulations on landing that dream client that you've been wanting to work with for years! It was an amazing project, and you truly clicked with the owner. Everything you designed was not only beautiful but highly impactful for her business and I'm so happy you were a part of that. It's also been amazing to see you consistently booking 4 clients every months. And more than that, clients who you love and want to work with!"


So you're going to do that through every aspect of your life! Make sure to be writing as if everything has already happened or come true. Keep in mind, this might take a while (I suggest sitting down for a few hours on a weekend) but it's totally worth it. When you reread the letter at the end of the year, I guarantee most of these things (if not everything) will be true.

Step 3: Take Action

Lastly, you have to take these goals and put them into your daily life. Visualizing is amazing, and I 100% in it, but YOU also have to do the work to being these ideas to fruition. The universe will totally help you and make things happen but only if you're putting in the work daily. 

Go through your letter and pull out all of the specific goals from each category, then write them down in a list. You have to turn these goals into actionable steps you can take each day to get you closer to reaching the goal. For example:


GOAL: Book 4 new clients every single month
STRATEGY: Reach more ideal clients through my social media who want to book with me.
DAILY ACTION: 3x weekly blog posts & scheduling content on Pinterest + Twitter daily


So - you need to go through each goal, find a strategy to reach the goal, and then break that down into little daily actions. If you don't know what type of strategy to use, RESEARCH. There are so many amazing podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels, books, and resources out there to help you figure out those strategies. But the most important part is that you break them down and prioritize these actions into your daily life. 


I hope this helps! I would love to know if a comment below what type of things you do or strategies you take to reach your goals! Also, do you believe in energy/the Universe/manifesting/etc.?