4 Ways to Customize Stationery for Your Brand

I've always loved stationery, but in the past few years the feeling has gotten stronger. Maybe it's because we live in such a digital world now but writing letters, sending thank you notes and customizing cards is so special to me. 


I truly think that everyone loves getting mail. And if you own a creative business, chances are there's someone you could be sending thank you notes too. Whether it's past clients, current customers or brands/creatives that you're collaborating with. Sending off a card makes a lasting impression and will help your business stay at the forefront of their mind! 


In the interest of branding, I highly recommend custom stationery and thank you notes. There are so many great online stores and designers that sell these things. But having something custom designed to match your logo, your colors, your visual identity in general will make a much bigger impact in the long run! And plus, who doesn't want beautiful branded stationery for their business? 


So today I'm sharing 4 simple ideas for customizing branded stationery and thank you cards for your business! 


4 Easy Ways to Customize Branded Stationery and Cards for your Creative Business (plus templates!) | Reux Design Co


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Before you get started, make sure you're clear on your branding and color palette. This will make it a breeze to customize these 4 ideas to best fit your company and current visual identity.


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In the video I talked through 4 ideas for how to customize the stationery. You can download the templates to all 4 versions at the bottom of this post to open in Photoshop and edit for your own brand! If you didn't watch the video, or prefer to read, here are the 4 customizations I mentioned:



This one is pretty obvious! The best way to customize and brand your own stationery and thank you cards, is to add your logo. This option is super simple, but sometimes simplicity is best. Adding a submark or icon from your branding is also a fun (more subtle) way to keep your branding consistent on the stationery. 



Every brand should have some texture in it. Whether it's watercolor marks, brush strokes or gold foiling. These little details make the simple design come to life and can help attract that ideal client alongside the rest of your branding. Keep in mind what your ideal client would be drawn to and work that into the design of your custom stationery! (See a few examples in the video.)



Does your branding have a pattern? Whether it's geometric, florals, abstract watercolor or something else. Adding your branded pattern to the cards is a great way to customize them. Keep the pattern on the back and on the front you'll have room to say hello or thank you. A full pattern is alway a striking design and will definitely be loved by the person you're sending the card to.



Not all stationery or thank you cards have to be standard 5x7! This one is for those brands that are more adventurous. Brainstorm different shapes you could create your card: whether that's a giant circle, diamond, triangle or even an abstract shape. This is a little more work for printing, but is so fun for the clients/customers to receive! Go out of the box with this one.


Those are my 4 ideas for you! You can watch my #MoreThanALogo series if you want more ideas on how to create custom collateral for your business (including stationery, business cards, stickers, etc.). There are so many ways to keep your branding strong through every aspect and touch point for your customers, so have fun with it! And tag me @CassieDulworth or #ReuxDesignCo on social media with your custom stationery designs. 


Do you send thank you cards to notes to your clients/customers? Have you ever created custom stationery to match your branding?