Creating Content That Engages: with Marisa of RISE Creative

We live in a world of constant information. Every day new content is being thrown at us from all different social media platforms and creative outlets. The idea of content creation for a new or blossoming brand can seem overwhelming in comparison to all of the content already out there. Luckily, if you’re a cause-driven brand, there is something about your company that sets you apart from everyone else. Your heart and mission are what makes you unique, and because of that mission, there are many things you can do to create content that engages.

How to Create Content That Engages your Audience - guest post by ethical marketing entrepreneur Marisa Flacks of RISE Creative Co. | build a sustainable, conscious business | Reux Design Co.

01. Lead with Your Why

As an ethical brand, social enterprise, non-profit, there is a large why behind your brand. The large wave of ethical consumers are an audience specifically interested in your why, so make that the forefront of your website, your blog posts, social media posts, and more.


02. Be Transparent

Not just in your business practices, but in your content. A brand who is transparent on social media, sharing the day-to-day of owning their business, and showing the faces behind the brand is one that consumers are going to remember the most. When I go to search a brand on social media, or find a product to purchase, the first one that will come to mind is that brand whose owner I’ve “met” on social media and feel that I have the most connection with.

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03. Create Original, Shareable Content

In today's world of social media, there is so much content that is reposted or re-shared, some days nothing feels original anymore. When you create an original blog post, that is a piece of content unseen, which draws new audiences and prompts them to share with their network as well.


04. Collaborate with Great Storytellers

Within the growing ethical space, there are so many talented influencers who tell incredible stories through both words and photography. Allowing your target audience to hear more about your brand from someone else’s perspective is another great way for them to fall in love with you!


At the end of the day, do what resonates with you.

Set yourself apart in this evolving industry of conscious consumerism by authentically sharing the heart for your brand, and the meaningful work that your company does. This approach will lead to an audience of followers who genuinely care for your cause, and will support your brand for years to come.


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Guest Post by MARISA Flacks:

Marisa Flacks, founder of RISE Creative, and trained Cultural Anthropologist, left the corporate fashion industry to start a creative marketing agency serving brands rising up to make a change. After years spent working in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco for companies such as Fashion GPS (now Launchmetrics), Hearst Magazine Corporation, Starworks Group, and Nineteenth Amendment, her global cultural training and research lent insight into the horrible effects that fast fashion has on people and our environment. From there, she decided to take her experiences in public relations, digital marketing, and creative direction to serve the rising community of ethical brands worldwide. Since launching in 2016, RISE Creative has served brands such as VETTA, Sevenly, Encircled, FashionVeggie, and many more, expanding from creative marketing services, to educating brands in development and strategy.