The 101 on Collaborations & How They Benefit Your Business

One of the first, & best, things I did when I decided to take Reux Design Co. full time was collaborate with others to get my name out there. After doing some research & thinking, I decided to reach out to a few influencers who I followed & loved to see if any of them needed rebranding. As it turns out, a YouTuber + Blogger answered me and said she was in the process of redesigning her website and needed new branding. Perfect!


After some back and forth, we finalized our collaboration agreement. I designed a new brand + collateral for her. And in exchange, she made a video on her channel all about the rebranding process, mentioning working with me and sent her viewers my way. 


Not only was it a fun project (you can see it here!) but it sent a ton of traffic to my site and I landed a few clients in the process! So definitely a win - win for both of us. 


My point is not to brag about my own success. It's to say that you too can have the same results for your business. That's the power of a good collaboration. Everyone involved is able to grow, gain a bigger audience, better their business & more. 

The power of creative collaborations to grow your small business | Reux Design Co.

I decided to cover this topic in my favorite way - a video. In the video I talk about 3 reasons why you might want to think about collaborating with others. And then I cover my top 5 tips for having a stress-free collaboration with great results. Sometimes this sort of "pro bono" work can end up with you feeling like the only person who cares in a high school group project, which is a nightmare. So there are a few things to think about first to make sure everyone will get something positive out of the project. 


Also, I mentioned a list of resources if you don't know where to start with collaborations. You can watch my video below & then read through this list to get started! Here they are.



The Rising Tide Society FB Group
Melyssa Griffin FB Group
The Creative's Corner FB Group
Savvy Business Owners FB Group



A Styled Shoot
Host a Webinar
Guest Blog Post Features
Create a Podcast
Design an Ebook or Workbook


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If you've collaborated in the past, what made is successful or not successful? What types of projects have you enjoyed the most while working with other creatives? I would love to hear in the comments below.