5 Things I’m Loving, Reading, Watching & Listening to Right Now

A day rarely goes by without me reading a blog or watching some YouTube videos. I love taking breaks throughout my work day to get inspired & refreshed with content from fellow creatives that I so deeply admire.

I often find myself wanting to know what other people watch, listen to or read. I’m a bit nosey that way, and I think most of us are. There’s so many inspiring people in the world, that you can always find something new to absorb.

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November Mood & Color Inspiration

Happy November 1st! It's finally starting to cool down a little bit here in Southern California and I've been feeling so refreshed with this change in weather. I'm a warm-weather girl at heart, but sometimes I miss the seasons and shift in mood that I felt while living in Ohio. So even though there will probably be plenty of warm days ahead, I'm making an effort to get in the mood for Fall/Winter and a slower lifestyle in general. 

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Prep Your Brand for the Holidays | Marketing and Branding Tips

f you own a small business you know how crazy the holidays can get. It's the busiest time of year for shopping, with everyone spending double their time online buying lots of gifts! It's a great opportunity to reach more of your ideal customers, boost sales, and end the year strong. So, if you want to have a holistic holiday plan, and purposefully brand your business during this season, now is the time to start getting ready.

In today's video, I'm sharing my top tips branding and marketing tips for how you can prep your creative business for the holiday season.

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4 Ways to Customize Stationery for Your Brand

I highly recommend custom stationery and thank you notes to every business owner. There are so many great online stores and designers that sell these things. But having something custom designed to match your logo, your colors, your visual identity in general will make a much bigger impact in the long run! And plus, who doesn't want beautiful branded stationery for their business? 

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You Might Not Like Your Branding... And That's Okay

There are many important factors in your business that will help grow your company. Branding, copywriting, photos, price, social media presence, to name a few. With so many touch points, how do you as a business owner, make sure that everything is cohesive and attracting those ideal customers? It's quite simple actually. 

Keep him/her at the center of your business.

That seems like a no brainer, but it's something that all creative business owners struggle with. And trust me, if you're having issue attracting your ideal client, this is probably the issue. 

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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Freelancing

2 years into freelancing, and I've learned a lot. And there are definitely a few things that I wish I would have thought about or prepared for in the beginning months as a creative business owner. 

I know that not everyone is ready to make that leap without some more info, or an idea of what they're getting into. So if you're currently dreaming of freelancing, starting your own business or pursuing a passion project, I'm here with some advice. Here are 7 things I wish I would have known before I started freelancing.

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Setting Boundaries for Your Business

Picture this: it's 8pm. You just finished dinner with your husband (or wife, or roommate) and you're unwinding from the day. You check your phone and see an email from a client who wants something super simple from you, and can you do it by 10pm? 

"It will only take 10 minutes," you think. So you pull out your computer and get to work. Then while you're at it, you might as well schedule some social media posts, check your emails, get a few things done. Before you know it, it's midnight and you're working.

I've been there. A lot.

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