New Launch: Cate Waldrop Brand & Showit Web Design

Today I am so excited to be sharing another Brand & Showit Web Design launch with you! 2019 so far has been full of working with the most amazing clients, and I feel insanely fulfilled being able to come alongside these women to bring their business dreams to fruition.

I also hope these launch posts can serve to give you a better look at the ins and outs of working with a professional graphic designer, and how a holistic strategy-based brand design can transform your business.

With all of that being said, let’s jump in! Today I’m sharing a new brand & Showit web design for Dr. Catherine Waldrop, an amazing transformative design consultant.

tissue paper 3.jpg

Brand Strategy

Dr. Catherine Waldrop is a consultant who is combining her science & designs backgrounds to help people create & live their most fulfilling lives.

“Using deep beauty science to optimize health, career, mood and relationships.”

Cate is building her business from the ground up, so our project together was the perfect opportunity for her to dig deep into her vision & goals for the business. As always, a purposeful brand strategy ensures that the rest of the brand is build on a solid foundation — allowing her to attract & book her ideal clients sustainably. Our goal was to intentionally craft new a new brand that reflected this.

With that in mind, I also focused on:

  • Showcase her offerings and consulting services in a clear way for potential clients to understand

  • Attract clients with a fitting budget, who connect with the value & upscale experience Cate provides through her work

  • Keep the feeling timeless, distinct, beautiful & thoughtful so that it can grow with Cate as she grows and adjusts her business over time

Here is the moodboard I put together to guide the designs.

Cate Waldrop moodboard.jpg

Brand Design

Once we nailed down a direction & tentative color palette it was time to move into designing! 

I knew that the brand should be timeless & simple. Cate’s brand is all about the classic elements done right. I focused on a strong typographic logo with hours of custom editing to make it fit her brand perfectly. Though it may look simple, there are many thoughtful details throughout the letters that are strategically created to attract & connect with her ideal client.

And of course I always design a few variations of the logo which can be used in different situations.


Collateral Pieces

With every brand design project, I create collateral (aka. printed or digital goods to help support the brand. Think stationery, business cards, envelopes, and digital templates like Instagram stories or Pinterest graphics). This was the most fun part of the project! Because Cate’s brand is focused on a high end feel, we focused on the printed goods being simple but very sophisticated. Thick cream paper, beautiful navy letterpress, gold foil on the envelopes. Every detail was thoughtfully decided to ensure even the stationery created the feeling & experience Cate wants her clients to have.

Business Cards 2.jpg
Cate waldrop stationery 3.jpg
ig mockups.jpg

Custom showit web design

Last, but certainly not least, a one of a kind Showit Web Design. My clients love using Showit for their websites because there are no limits to design, and it’s so easy to build truly custom websites.

We built out a comprehensive Showit website for Cate to connect with her ideal clients & guide them through the information in a seamless way. Encouraging them to book a free consult call, or sign up for her newsletter (where she can continue to gain their trust).

A few of my favorite aspects of the site are:

  • The deconstructed fan pattern used throughout the site, which adds a beautiful, distinct touch

  • The thoughtful way her services page is designed, to clearly guide ideal clients through the different packages, and how to move forward with booking

Home Page.jpg
About Page.jpg

Let’s all give Cate a big congratulations and of course head over to her website if you want to see the full brand in action!


View a curated collection of previous design work here in my portfolio, and of course, please get in touch if you’d like to pursue an impactful, holistic Brand Design Experience!