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Based in Nashville, TN, Carmen Brandy is an amazingly talented singer + songwriter. With a heart for exploring her feelings, whether that's through music, blogging or writing, Carmen is just a special human all around.


She came to me at the beginning of the year wanting to redesign her brand & create something that matched not only her aesthetic but her goals moving forward. I really let Carmen's heart lead the way on the direction, making sure to keep the entire design (branding + web) feeling relatable, honest and down to earth. Just like Carmen. I'm so excited to share the whole project with you, so read on & then go visit her site for a look around (and listen to her music while you're there, trust me!).

neutral, calming, bohemian, minimal moodboard | Reux Design Co.
teal and neutral color palette | Reux Design Co.


It was clear from the start that Carmen is inspired by her hometown of Nashville. There's a definite bohemian, slightly vintage feel to everything we created. This tied into the original moodboard + color palette, with lots of warm neutrals and a dusty teal as the main color. 


Carmen also wanted to brand to stay super casual and relatable, while still being polished. We combined a few serif fonts throughout the logo + site to give that classic, vintage feel. Of course, that's offset with a sans serif and hand lettered accents for dimension and a bit of youthfulness. 

Brand identity design for singer + songwriter | minimal bohemian designs | Reux Design Co.
hand lettering for carmen brandy | Reux Design Co.


One of the main inspirations that I took when creating the logo + submarks was the guitar. Since Carmen is a singer, I wanted to bring in that element in a way that was understated but recognizable. Throughout all, you'll see the 4 lines representing guitar strings. I love that this element gave the logo an interesting shape, which definitely allows it to stand out amongst her peers. Carmen could even use these lines as a stamp or sticker in the future, which would be super fun. 

minimal bohemian business card design | Reux Design Co.


Once the brand identity was finalized, we tackled some collateral assets including business cards, a new media kit and other social media templates. And with those designed, we moved on to the website. 


I love Squarespace, as you know, and luckily Carmen was already using it for her main website. She also has a separate site that housed her blog, Six String Stories, so one of our main goals was to pull everything together and create a hub for all of her content. Now with a scrolling vertical homepage, visitors can see all of the most important info and click through to the content they're interested in: whether it's her blog, music or live show info.


I also added in a lot of the hand lettered elements to her blog. This was to bring in a more youthful vibe to the site and brand overall, since Carmen is still young herself and wants to appeal to women in their early 20s.

Squarespace website design - minimal, simple | Reux Design Co.
submark design for singer Carmen Brandy | Reux Design Co.
website design for nashville singer + songwriter on squarespace | Reux Design Co.

Overall, Carmen now has a brand and website that are polished enough for industry professionals to take her seriously, but relaxed enough to reflect her down-to-earth style. 

Working with Carmen was such a dream. I mentioned this with Laceroots Floral as well, but it truly makes my job so much more enjoyable when I just click with the client. Not only was do I love what we've created together but I feel like I gained another amazing creative-lady friend, and that's the best. Make sure to check out her site and music to see the full brand in action! 

Investing into my brand with the help of Cassie has been one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my business thus far.

Working with Cassie Dulworth was by all definitions rewarding and excellent. She effectively enhanced my brand into something acutely professional, all the while maintaining my music and blog’s relatable feel. Prior to the re-brand, my website and blog were separated and contained many scattered thoughts on how I wanted to be perceived by the public.

Cassie was able to real in my core values and pin point my demographic. The process alone was worth every scent. Investing into my brand with the help of Cassie has been one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my business thus far.

— Carmen, Carmen Brandy Music

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