My 5-Step Brand Strategy Guide

Every creative knows how important branding can be for their business. It’s at the center of your website design, your collateral, social media and more. But how often do you stop to think about the strategy behind your brand?

It’s not enough to have something that looks beautiful. Your brand design has to be strategic, showcasing your individual values and connecting you with the right community.

That’s why every Brand Design experience at Reux Design Co. starts with a comprehensive Brand Strategy. It’s a time for us to dig deep, gather information and lay a foundation for your brand, so that you can flourish with a sustainable, successful business.

Crafting an Intentional Brand Strategy for Your Creative Business | My 5 step brand strategy process | Reux Design Co. — Brand & Web Design for Holistic, Sustainable Businesses

The 5 Pillars of your Intentional Brand Strategy

Today I wanted to give you an inside look at how I dive into brand strategy with my design clients. These are the top 5 things we focus on when crafting an intentional brand strategy for your business.

1. the goal

It’s so important to know what would make the project successful, in your eyes. There are often measurable goals such as attracting more clients so you can create a sustainable income. But often, there are immeasurable goals as well. Things like building a business that influences more people towards sustainable habits, making a positive impact on mother nature.

2. who you are

You have a unique story, core values and ideas that you bring to your business! I’ve found, after working with so many clients, that digging into who YOU are brings a lot if insight to your business. Let’s reflect this in your brand & web design. This is also a great time to get specific with your goals and what sort of life you see down the road (dreaming big here!). We want to build a business & brand that works towards your long-term vision.

3. ideal clients

AKA who do you serve and how! Defining your ideal client (or niche of clients) can be so helpful. At the end of the day this is who your brand & website should attract. So of course, we need to know about them. What they like, their values and their pain points. Getting specific here is so helpful in creating a brand that is not only beautiful but strategic.

4. the market or competition

Next, we have to think about others in your field who are trying to reach similar Ideal Clients. It’s so powerful to have a brand & website that is completely one-of-a-kind and reflects *you*. If we have an idea of industry standards, that can help to develop a brand strategy that sets you apart from the crowd to showcase your unique offerings.

5. visual direction

Lastly, the fun part. A visual direction and moodboard! I’ve shared in the past how and why I put together a moodboard for each project. My clients often love this part of the process when we’re able to take all of the info and strategy gathered above, and create a visual direction that represents their business. This is also considered the foundation for the brand design, making sure that the designs are best suited to their holistic business.

Putting together an intentional brand strategy can mean all of the difference between a brand & web design that help you reach your goals, or one that feels unauthentic. Do you have a brand strategy for your business?



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