Prep Your Brand for the Holidays | Marketing and Branding Tips

November is officially two days away, and while everyone else is busy thinking about costumes and Halloween candy, I'm thinking about the holiday season! It's not because I want to jump the gun (even though I love Christmas, and am tempted to start playing the festive music already). But as a small creative business owner, now is the time to prep for the upcoming busy season! 


If you own a small business you know how crazy the holidays can get. It's the busiest time of year for shopping, with everyone spending double their time online buying lots of gifts! It's a great opportunity to reach more of your ideal customers, boost sales, and end the year strong. So, if you want to have a holistic holiday plan, and purposefully brand your business during this season, now is the time to start getting ready.


In today's video, I'm sharing my top tips branding and marketing tips for how you can prep your creative business for the holiday season.

Holiday Season Branding and Marketing Prep Tips | Reux Design Co.


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In the video I talked through my top 6 tips for how to brand and market your business during this season. They're all easy, actionable steps, so take some time this week and next to put a plan into place and ready your business for potential customers! If you didn't watch the video, or prefer to read, here are the 6 prep tips I mentioned:



This isn't something you want to put off until December. With the holiday season, you'll likely be too stressed or busy to put a full branding & marketing plan into place. Work out the details now so you know what needs to get done before the rush! 



Christmas is synonymous with red and green. But if you're updating your brand to feel more festive, don't feel obligated to use these colors! Do what makes sense for your brand and ideal customers. Stick to festive colors that match the vibe of your brand (whether that's metallic, glitter, deep emerald, etc.) Whatever makes sense for your company!


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If you're going to update your branding for the season, it has to be consistent! Change your social media, website, email signature, etc. all at once. If you don't customers will likely be confused when they see different logos or colors across each platform. You want a unified, on-brand visual identity even if it's updated for the holiday season!



Now isn't the time to stray from your brand identity. You should have a tone or voice that you use for your company - in social media posts and newsletters. Keep this tone! If you're normally sassy and bold, don't send an email that's super emotional and sappy. Consumers will only be confused. Stay true to your authentic voice and customers will love seeing the holidays though your brand. 



Want a fun way to be festive this season? Update your packaging! Whether you sell physical products or you send thank you boxes to clients, packaging can make such an impact. Add festive colors, patterns or accents (that match your brand of course). This is also a great way to promote your products as a gift - people love when presents come already beautifully wrapped for their friends & family!


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Similar to #1, don't wait to get started on these. If you plan on sending emails or marketing blasts on the major days (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Christmas Eve, etc.) design them now! Set these to automatically send on the day of, and you'll be thankful for one less thing to think about in a few weeks. If you want a designer to create these for you, now is the time to get in touch! They will likely be booked soon and not taking on any further work.

Those are my top 6 holiday prep tips! I hope it helps you to plan and brand your business in the most purposeful way possible this season. There's so much opportunity if you approach potential clients with a holistic brand!


Do you have any other holiday tips? How are you prepping for the busy season in your business?