Why You Should Brand Your Business in the Fall

The fall is here, it’s almost November and the year is slowly coming to an end. If you run a small creative business, you’re likely thinking about how to finish out the year in the most impactful and positive way. That can mean a lot of different things, but for you it might mean re-branding your business.


Rebranding is a big decision, and you have to make sure you’re ready to work with a professional designer! But I truly believe that at some point, every creative business needs a holistic brand design to create a unique visual identity. A conscious brand design can position your company in the market and attract those ideal customers on auto-pilot.


You can rebrand any time of year, but today I’m sharing 4 reasons why rebranding in the fall is a great idea. We’re in the middle of the season now and I encourage you to take some time to think about if this is the right decision for your business!

Why you should Rebrand your Creative Business in the Fall | Reux Design Co.


Whether you have a service based business or you’re selling products, the upcoming holiday season is likely one of your busiest times of the year. November and December are when consumers are spending more than double their time online, shopping and making purchases. Is your brand ready? Have a consciously designed brand can help you to grab the attention of those potential customers and increase your sales this holiday season.


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New Year is an amazing time when everyone feel refreshed and excited to hit the ground running on new goals! You probably have some amazing ideas in mind for everything you want to accomplish in 2018 with your creative business. Rebranding before the New Year gives you the unique advantage of working towards those goals from January 1st. That means more time spent in other areas of your business, and letting your fresh branding do the work at attracting ideal customers.


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Everyone dreads tax day as a small business owner. One of the best tips for decreasing the amount of taxes you pay is investing back into your business. Having a holistically designed brand is an investment that your business will benefit from for years to come. And by rebranding in the fall, you have the added benefit of putting it on your 2017 expenses and paying less in taxes come next spring!



Summer is always a crazier time for us as small business owners. Whether you were extra busy with projects and work, or you took some time off to enjoy the weather. Fall gives us a chance to slow down and refocus on our business. It’s a time to press into your business, focusing on your mission and your ideal clients. Rebranding in the fall is a great way to harness this season of intentionality and refresh your business for the better.


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