5 Things I’m Loving, Reading, Watching & Listening to Right Now

A day rarely goes by without me reading a blog or watching some YouTube videos. I love taking breaks throughout my work day to get inspired & refreshed with content from fellow creatives that I so deeply admire.

I often find myself wanting to know what other people watch, listen to or read. I’m a bit nosey that way, and I think most of us are. There’s so many inspiring people in the world, that you can always find something new to absorb. Since I’ve found so many things that resonated with me so far in 2018, I thought I’d start and share my own top picks. 5 things I’m loving, reading, watching and listening to right now.

5 Inspirational things that I'm loving reading, listening to, watching and using in my business right now | intentional living business advice | where I find inspiration in my day to day business | Reux Design Co.


Everything I'm Loving Right Now to Feel Inspired and Motivated



7 Types of Content that Help You Share Your Message, Stories & Ideas with Dream Clients by Jen Carrington

I actually got this idea from a fellow creative, Jen Carrington. Every once in a while, in her Weekly Letters, she sends a list of podcast episodes she’s been loving. I always enjoy her picks and seeing what she’s personally inspired by on a daily basis. I found Jen’s blog a while back and immediately spent hours coming through the blog archives. She’s a creative coach, and I love her down-to-earth approach. This recent blog post was so helpful for me in brainstorming some content for the upcoming months. But really, any post on her site is great.


What I Use for Cleaning from The Fresh Exchange

A bit different, but I really enjoyed this post from Megan at The Fresh Exchange. You might thing a blog post about cleaning would be booooring, but it was so insightful! Like Megan, I’ve spent the last few years really eliminating nasty chemicals and unnecessary plastic from my cleaning routine. I just feel better when I’m using natural products that are good for my family, the environment. I bookmarked this one to come back to as I invest in quality cleaning tools + supplies over time.


The Apiece Apart journal: Woman

I recently discovered the line Apiece Apart. It’s a sustainable womenswear line focused on elevated basics. Right up my alley, basically. Their whole site is inspiring, but I particularly love to read their journal, “Woman” where they feature interviews with artists, designers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who embody the brand’s ethos. The images are stunning and the women are so inspiring for me and the life I want to build.


Wandering Aimfully

This YouTube channel is one part of a new business called Wandering Aimfully. Formed by a husband-wife duo, Jason and Caroline are documenting every little step in building & launching their new joint business. Not only do I love the bright, bold style, but it’s so fun to see the behind-the-scenes details and decision that go into creating a new company from scratch. If you’re curious how another entrepreneur is going about building their brand, website and business model, add these videos to your watch list.


Hiring a Team: When, Why, How & What Do They Do? by A Fabulous Fete

One of my favorite hand letterers, Lauren, recently shared her thoughts on hiring a team. I actually worked for Lauren for a brief stint a year ago, and I was really fun getting to see the inner workings of a calligraphy + stationery business. She shares so many great tips in her post about when and how to hire team members, something that can be really scary as a solo-creative! A quick read to bookmark for future reference.

What about you? I’d love to know anything you’re loving, watching or reading these days!