Defining a Color Palette for Your Brand

Colors. One of the very first things people will notice about your brand. 

90% of the information our brains process is visual. 

And visual elements get almost 94% more page views than text-based. 

So, it's safe to say that choosing your brand's color palette is almost, if not more, important than the name itself. So how do you decide? The easiest way to break it down is what feeling do you want your viewers to get when they see your website (or instagram, emails, product, etc.) From there you can narrow it down. There's a lot more that can go into this (color psychology, your photography style, etc.) but this is the simplest way to get you started. Just follow these three steps.

defining the perfect color palette for your brand | Reux Design Co.


Three Steps for Defining Your Color Palette

1. Jot down a few descriptive words for your brand. You'll need to dig deep and think about what type of clients or customers you want to attract. Sometimes, these will align with your own personal tastes but not always. For example, with Reux Design Co. some of my words are light, modern & clean.



2. Select a color type based on those words. Bright and saturated colors will tend to make the viewer feel happy, excited, joyful. Muted tones put off a mellow, peaceful, even romantic vibe to the viewers. I put together 5 examples above so you can see a few palettes with the feelings they evoke. You can definitely look around online to gather some inspiration (or work with your graphic designer to do this!). Each time to find a color that you like, compare it back to your key brand words and make sure it aligns!

3. Finalize with "helper" colors. These are the colors that are used sparingly, as little pops within your branding. Likely you'll need at least one neutral color. Some of my favorites outside of black, white and grey are below. You could also use this pop to add something like a metallic gold or sparkle. Just keep in mind the overall palette and vibe you want to stick with. 


Best Neutral Colors for Branding | Creative Business Branding | Reux Design Co.

So there you go! A little guide to get you started picking the most impactful colors for your brand. Make sure to spend some real time when going through this process. It can seem easy to just pick a few colors that are pretty or you like but realistically there should be much more though behind these choices. 


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