My Freelance Leap | How I Started + 5 Most Important Things I've Learned

How I got started as a freelance graphic designer | Reux Design Co.

Well. It's been almost exactly one year since I quit my job and started working for myself. And it's been such a crazy year. It took almost 8 months for me to even get around to putting together this website! 

I made a video for my YouTube channel all about my leap into freelancing, owning my own business and working for myself. You can watch that down below or here on YouTube. 


I also talked about 5 Tips that I've learned in this first year - setting out on your own is definitely not easy, and while the experience is different for everyone, hopefully these can help you out if you're thinking of freelancing, starting your own company or just working on your side hustle!

So there you have it! This is by far my most watched video on my channel already, and I've gotten a lot of amazing feedback so I know you guys must love it. And I know I'm obsessed with hearing about other people's freelance journey as well. 


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