Your creative business deserves an
authentic brand that feels like the one.



You've always been creative. When you saw a gap in the market, your intuition told you to take a leap — now you're working your butt off to make your dream company a reality. But the truth is, you're not exactly sure how to reach your ideal customers. As a business owner, you're already juggling so many hats, you simply don't have time to create the holistic branding you know your business needs.




With years of experience in graphic design + social media marketing we know exactly how important branding is. We specialize in digging deep to understand what your ideal client is looking for, and creating your new brand identity with that in mind. In short, everything we design will help you consciously connect with your audience & build authentic, lifelong relationships with the right customers.

Sounds great, but now what? Are you ready for branding that is authentically yours?


  • You're ready to take your business to the next level and grow your circle of dream customers.

  • You want a fully cohesive brand that reaches across every touch point: from your social media to newsletters to invoices.

  • You're ready to step away from the hassle of DIY and truly invest in branding that will grow with your business.


Your brand should be a full story, an experience. Our 3 week process insures that you leave with everything you need to connect, market & consciously grow your business. Reach your dream customers once & for all with a fully custom visual identity.


Brand Strategy

We start every project with a comprehensive questionnaire & research. With that, we're able to build a solid brand strategy which serves as the foundation for the design process.

An Authentic Logo Design

Keeping the brand strategy in mind, we'll design a new logo to attract your ideal audience. Everything is fully customized, including hand lettering, typography and illustrations. We'll also design a variety of submarks and variations, so you have a logo that fits any need.

Custom Patterns, Elements & Collateral

Your branding is more than a logo. We'll take that design and create cohesive brand patterns & icons to round out the visual identity. Great branding should also cover everything you need on a day-to-day basis. For that reason, we design 4 collateral pieces such as:

Business cards, thank you notes, packaging, stickers, invoice templates, blog post templates, Instagram graphics, newsletter design & more.

Social Media Presence

Every brand needs a strong social media presence. We'll create a set of branded banners & header images for each platform.

A Comprehensive Style Guide

The most important aspect of implementing a new visual identity is staying consistent with the branding, over time. With that in mind, we'll give you a full brand guide that serves as a "How To Manual" for your brand. This covers guidelines for your colors, fonts, elements & more.


Your investment for the brand identity package is $1950.

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Are you ready to feel like your brand finally represents your vision? Let's get together and build a conscious brand that brings in those dreamy customers you've always wanted. 





We happen to love the brands that we design, but don't take our word for it.
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Interested in something else?

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