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Is a singer + songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her music is rooted in country + folk styles and in her short career she's attended prestigious music camps, worked with industry leaders & released successful singles.


Carmen, the creative lady behind Carmen Brandy + Six String Stories (her blog) is a writer, first and foremost. With her music + new site, she's aiming to reach millenial women and create an honest, vulnerable platform where everyone can share + find comfort in knowing they're not alone.


A millennial female in her late teens to late 20's who want to deeply connect with others. She may have had tough circumstances in life so far, but she truly believes in the path of self love and creativity for healing. She:

  • knows that life is messy, and isn't afraid to dig deep for personal growth.
  • loves supporting and uplifting other women, and cherishes her close girlfriends
  • is always excited to listen to music, dance around her room, and have fun with life.

Carmen Brandy is...

Authentic, Youthful, Compassionate, Unfiltered

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