Why You Need a Full Brand for Your Business | #MoreThanALogo Series

Have you heard of the brand Ban.do? It's one of my favorite companies.

The beautiful agendas they create every year, their cheeky little products, the colors, their Instagram. It's all amazing. Every time I see one of their products in a photo or even in real life, I automatically know it's from Ban.do.

How did they do that? It's not because they have an amazing logo or they put their name on everything. It's because they've created an entire lifestyle & brand experience within their company.

Other companies sell similar products and use bright colors. But Ban.do stands out amongst the crowd. The key to creating a truly unique and memorable brand is thoughtfully defining every single elements of your branding, not just the logo.

If you're not a graphic designer, that might seem overwhelming. Where do you even start? What elements are necessary? How do you create a full brand identity that showcases your core beliefs & attracts the right customers?

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Today, I'm sharing the first video in my new series, #MoreThanALogo. Over the course of the next month, the series will help guide you through the process of understanding WHY you need a fully developed brand & then implementing all of the components into your own business. 

Each Friday, a new video will be posted on my YouTube channel tackling one aspect of branding that you need for your business if you want to create a distinct, professional & sustainable brand. All of these topics will work together to create a full brand experience for your customers & clients. 

Each topic will be simple enough to tackle within a week, whether you want to sit down and do it all at once, or over a few day. I'll be adding small tips & guidelines throughout the videos to give you a step-by-step process for how to implement each different topic so you never feel overwhelmed or confused about what to do next. 

#MoreThanALogo Week One | WHY You Need A Full Brand

Many times, I get emails, inquiries & comments from potential customers who ask "I love your work but I'm just getting started. Can you just design a logo?" or "I'm not sure I want to invest in a full brand right now, how much for just the logo?" Most of the time they're a little caught off guard when I write back saying, I'm sorry, I can't do that. 

While there are many designers in the world who WILL design in this way, it's not something I believe in, therefore I can't recommend it to potential clients. At Reux Design Co. I only want to work with brands and entrepreneurs who are truly following their passions and heart, so it makes sense that I should hold myself accountable to the same standards right? 

So why won't I design just a logo? Because I know it won't serve you and your business in the long run. As a designer, my goal is not to create something purely beautiful for you. It's to dig deep, do the research and create a full brand that will be an invaluable tool in growing your business. A well developed brand will help you attract the right customers/readers, establish a loyal community of fans & make more money while pursuing something you're passionate about. Quite simply, a logo alone cannot do that. 

So, if you're at a place where you want to truly take your business to the next level, and create a visual identity that will be able to grow with you over time, you need a full brand. And that's what I talked about more in this week's video. 

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Throughout the video, I talked through the 4 main reasons why I know that you need more than a logo. I also gave some hints to the next 4 videos in this series, so if you're curious about what's coming up make sure you watch until the end! 

I can't stress enough how important it is that you understand WHY your company needs a fully developed brand. Whether you decide to work with a design or DIY everything yourself, you have to understand the strategies and thinking behind what's being created. 

I hope you're excited about this 5 week series! If you have any questions about branding for your business, you can tweet them to me. And if you're excited to take your brand to the next level OR you know some amazing entrepreneurs who would enjoy this series, make sure to share on social media with the hashtag #MoreThanALogo & (tag me @CassieDulworth so I can see!)