Reux Design Co. is a boutique graphic design company focused on brand development for small businesses and content creators. The focus is not only on amazing design, but creating an entire brand story that will connect your design to your ideal clients or work.


What started as a career in social media management quickly turned into a love of design. During my first job out of college as a social media manager for a small luxury jewelry company, I realized the need for designing graphics and branding materials that were cohesive, professional and beautiful, all while staying “on brand.” The logo alone wasn’t enough. Graphic design was easily my favorite part of the job. 

Eventually I ventured on my own and continued working with other small brands, boutiques and creative influencers. I love working with a client to take their vision and turn it into an entire picture - a visual story that will allow them to do the work that they love and create an impactful brand.

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